Tom Brokaw and His Daughter Jennifer On End of Life Decisions

Here’s a terrific Stanford University TEDx video of Tom Brokaw and his daughter, Jennifer Brokaw, examining living wills and advanced directives:

They make a terrific point about how so many of us leave our loved ones without the information needed to make decisions on our behalf, if we ever become incapable of making these choices ourselves.

Clearly communicating information and wishes is an increasingly pressing matter as a huge population of baby boomers are reaching the end of their lives.

This Stanford Daily article by Aaron Sekhri relates Jennifer Brokaw’s comment that “Only 30 percent of people have a living will…and those who do are in a position to leave their families better off emotionally and financially.”

She continued “In my own family, my father (Tom Brokaw) is starting to deal with his relatives who are near the end of life, and it got him thinking about his own stage of life, and what he wants for himself.”

Read Sekhri’s whole article right here (and then get your family’s affairs in order TODAY!).