Here's what you'll accomplish with this book:  

  • Peace of mind

    You'll rest assured, knowing you've covered all the bases and provided loved ones with the critical information they'll need.
  • Make important decisions

    It's hard to think about some of these issues, but this is the perfect tool to help you consider options, talk about them, and make the right choices (don't let lawyers or the government choose for you).
  • Document your insurances & assets

    Don't let your family lose out on forgotten or unclaimed financial assets, including pensions, bank accounts, CD's, mutual funds & life insurance.
  • Write everything down

    Even if you've talked to loved ones and think they already know, people forget. By documenting what you have, where it's located and what your wishes are, it's all right in your book.
  • Prepare for meetings with expensive advisors

    If an attorney or CPA or other professional charges $300 or $400 an hour, why waste even a minute of their time and your money? Use this book to get organized beforehand!
  • Show people you love them

    Getting your affairs in order isn't fun or glamorous, but the results of your generous effort will long be remembered (and appreciated) by those you love the most.
My wife and I are celebrating our 25th Anniversary this month and, although this is a rather unromantic way to celebrate, documenting this kind of info is one of the most thoughtful gifts I can give her.
Thank you so much for the work you have put into this book. It is so many things that we verbally discuss but never write down. Having taken care of my parents and handling details at their passing, I truly appreciate such an organized manual.
Jane Doe Customer in Florida
It' s very comprehensive and tells all the things you need to do to get it together and help your family

  • The Story...

    Mark Gavagan
  • My father died in March 2003. He was 67 years old.
  • Fortunately, we knew he wanted to be cremated, followed by a small private service. Not having to guess at his wishes made this terrible time much easier.
  • Despite Dad being fairly organized with a logical filing system, my family spent countless grief-filled hours over the following eight weeks looking for important documents, advisors, keys, and operating instructions. (Key to open the garage?)
  • A few months later, after my own daughter was born, I was driving home and started thinking "What if something happened to me tonight?
  • After a ton of research and hard work, "The Affairs Organizer" was finally finished. The rest was easy. The short time invested in writing things down was well spent, bringing real peace of mind.
  • If something happens to me, things will be much easier for the people I love. They won't have to search for things or worry about missing something valuable or important or agonize over what my wishes are: "It's All Right Here..."
  • Thanks for reading.
  • -Mark Gavagan, author

Topics Incude:

  • Real estate*
  • Investments
  • Vacation home
  • Insurances
  • Retirement plans
  • Benefits
  • Bank accounts
  • Mutual funds
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Storage units & PO boxes
  • Important keys
  • Safes & safe deposit boxes
  • Inventory of valuables
  • Appraisals
  • Who gets what
  • Advisors (lawyer, accountant, etc.)
  • Estate plans & trusts
  • Private business interests
  • Family medical history
  • Living wills
  • Organ donation
  • Final arrangements
  • Military records
  • Location of important documents
  • Passwords & logins
  • Detailed pet care instructions
  • and much more...

*Includes important service providers (alarm system, plumber, electrician, landscaping, etc.)

*Don't worry about completing every page. The book helps you consider everything, then write down only what applies to you.

What's Inside ?

300 pages* of important questions and large spaces to write down your information & decisions.

*Don't worry about all these pages - only use the ones important to you.

Document & Key Storage Features (print version):

  • 5 heavy duty, clear, acid-free, 3-hole punched sleeves for storing documents. These have a total capacity to hold 100+ pages
  • Key storage with 9 individual pockets and cutom label tags for copies of important keys
  • Large 3-ring binder with plenty of space for your documents
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